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The toolbox to bring your footwear idea to market and beyond.

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Translate your brand into footwear designs.


Together we set the frame conditions making sure your vision meets the trend

  • // Product sole identification
  • // Feature exploration
  • // Style & trend direction
  • // Material & color inspiration
  • // Sketches

Design And Tech-Pack

We build the foundation for your future product and create the groundwork for the prototyping

  • // Design finetuning (2D Designs)
  • // Material composition
  • // Shell patterns & colors
  • // Tooling

Footwear Studios enables you to Brand, Prototype, Produce and market your unique Sneaker collection.


Putting your sneaker idea into shape.


Based on the design concept we apply best practices in construction to make sure the target functions are met, the right materials get applied and the best available options are sourced.

  • // Feasability check
  • // Last & outsole construction
  • // Material research & selection


We plan and fulfill the prototyping in-house or with selected factories that comply with our quality standards and target performance of the shoe.

  • // Prototype construction
  • // Handling & communication
  • // Feedback & production planning

With you from small to large scale.

Planning & Execution

We ensure a seamless transition from design to production. Reliable manufacturing processes lead to the quality you expect on time.

  • // Quality control by our on-site team
  • // Testing and certification
  • // Timing and delivery optimization
  • // Constant development updates
  • // Making-off content (coming soon)