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How we create impact into each of our projects

Our journey begins with a profound respect for our planet.

Since the start of Footwear Studios, our core objective was to develop footwear with an impact.

We understand that every choice we make today has a lasting impact on tomorrow. That's why we meticulously source eco-friendly materials, prioritize ethical manufacturing practices, and invest in cutting-edge technology to minimize our environmental footprint. From eco-conscious fabrics to renewable energy-powered factories, our commitment to impactful product development is woven into every project we takle.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of design and innovation to create footwear that not only looks and feels amazing but also leaves a better mark in our industry.

Whether it's testing new recycling techniques, experimenting with new materials, or supporting circularity concepts, we're driven by a relentless pursuit of a better future.

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Impact Design

Footwear Materials


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Footwear communication


FSC certification


Adrien Wira Drawing Sneaker

Impact Design

• Defining the target performance
• Reducing the unnecessary without compromising in style
• Leveraging most efficient construction and detail applications

Footwear Materials


• Eco-friendly fabrics
• Recycled and upcycled components
• Natural and Non-Toxic dyes
• Leather alternatives

footwear factory


• Ethical labor practices
• Transparent processes and certification
• Wast reduction and water recycling process
• Waste reduction and in-house recycling processes

FSC certification


• Data sheets and guidance
• Communication support
• Supply of certification

Footwear communication


• Working with likeminded partners
• Investing in new technology to reduce sample rounds and waste
• Challenge the status quo every day

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Giving back

• Supporting NGOs and people in need from each project
• TheSecondSample (coming soon)


Transforming the current footwear industry. Case by case.